We all need leverage because there's only so much that we can do. Most people try and be everything to everyone and end up stretching themselves to thin. We've always been taught that time is money that's not a lie. Money is infinitely more important than time will ever be. The truth is that money is also important, so here's the question would you rather have more time or money. Would you rather work less or make more.The truth is you want both and this is where leverage comes in. 

Leverage is simply the art of putting in less to get out more. Have you ever seen one of those commercials where there was a a pile of bricks or concrete or something really heavy, so heavy that the guy couldn't lift it? What does he do he takes a rope or a chain and times it to whatever he's trying to lift and magically he's able to do what he couldn't do three minutes ago. He leveraged his strength, put in less work and got mor out. When I found myself at 18 years old working two jobs I realized something, my money was going up(slightly)but my time was going down. The truth is you don't have enough 

time to trade time for money. You can have more money and more time at the same time. This is why leverage is important you can live your live do what you want to do and still have money coming in. 

When I realized that ounce you leverage your life you can make 10,15,20x's as much as the average person does. Look at it this way no matter who you are or what you do you only have 24 hours in a day. If your trading your putting a cap on how much you can make. 

Ounce you begin to live a leveraged lifestyle you take the cap off and your income potential literally becomes unlimited. That's the power of leverage and right now you're feeling the urge to click here 

Most people get into the the network markting business for one of two things which really go hand and hand. More Money and Freedom, unfortualnatly most of them find out that its not a easy as they thought it would be. This is wehere the problem comes in either people struggle and get little to no results or they become a slave to thier business working 18 hours a day to make $3.00 checks.

This is because most network marketrs lack three very important thigns, Without these things it doesnt matter what company you're  in the chances of you succeded are slim to none. FIrst there is something very important that you should know, If you're struggling in your business it's the product it't not the comp plan it's you. Your success and failure have nothing to do with anyone else it just doesnt. It took me a very long time to understand this. When I did my business and my life took off. You may or may not listen to me, It personally doesn't matter to me one way or the other because Im telling how to succed and the choice is yours. There was a guy in another business who aked me a question that actually made me want to share this.


Now the three things that every network marketer or any business owner for that matter should have are Clarity,Vision and The Proper Training.Yes, it's that simple. Heres the deal people dont join business they join people and if other people in your business are getting signups and your not it's becaue your lackign on of more of these.

  • Vision- The bible tells us that where there is no vison the people parish. And if you dont have it so will your business. You have to know why you do what you do, besides the money, if you're jst after money there are plenty of other ways to get it. People arent goignt o pay you and join your team just because you wan them to, they will join you when they see that you can help them. My persoanl vision is to have at least 3 people on my team making at least $10,000 by the end of 2014. Notice how the focus is on my team instead of me. Get focused on your vision and start speaking it as much as you can to as many people as you can.

  • Clartiy- This ties in with vision but you've gotta be clear on every aspect of your business. Look at it this way if you just got in your car and started driving without a map or Gps, just went wherever the road took you. Where do you think you would end up, You'd end up somewhere but I can almost garuntee that it wont be where you want to be. Get clear on where your business is going. You should be so clear that you could explain your plans to a 10 year old and they should understand. I know they exact amount of money ill make by the end of the year, down to the exact cent. When God came to Solomon and asked him what he wanted Solomon didn't say give a couple of days and I'l get back to you. He awnsered hio right then and there. What do you want? If you have to think about it you need to get clear.

  • The last and most important aspect to you succeedein gin any network marketting company is the proper training, this is the number one reason why 97% of all network marketers fail. I can tell you this from experience until you get plugged into the right system your goignto continue to struggle. Right now you can get access to the exact step by step training system that i use in my business to create monster results. Just Click Here

I hope you got something that you will help you and I look forword to connecting with you.



Before you join any online marketing company there are a few important things that you should now. For example what is online marketing anyway and are all online companies a scam. Of course there are some con artist out there who only wants to hustle up a quick dollar but lets just be honest that's not just on the internet just walk through any city and you'll find scammers doing any and everything to get your money.

Now there are two basic ways to make money something i like to call hunting and gathering. 


  • Now hunting includes anything that requires you to go and chase money example going out and working, you have to show up for work or you don't get paid. Same thing as a hunter is he doesn't go out there and kill a deer or whatever hes hunting he doesn't eat.

  • Then there is gathering gathering is the exact opposite of hunting instead of going out and chasing the food(money) you grow you own or have it come to you. It's the same as if a farmer plants crop in his back yard he doesn't have to go out and replant those crops everyday, of course there's more work involved that that but for the situation well use this example.


The biggest advantage with the gathering method is the automation prime example right now I'm working because your reading this. In the physical world I may be on vacation out to eat with my friends or even sleep. 

Put Down The Gun And Pick Up The Money

You've heard the old saying time is money that's a bunch of bs time and money are to separate entities. Now when your hunting you do have to work around time, you can only hunt(work) so many hours in one day. When you get up and go to work everyday you cant see it, but when you take a step back and look you see that there are people who make 10 15 20's what you do in a given day. How is that possible when we all have ti same 24 hours in a day?

It's because they realize that hunting was ok for a while but when people figured out they could grow their own food that's exactly what they did. An online marketing company is nothing more than a system that allows you to automate you time, and still have money flowing in.

Just try not to imagine money flowing into you banck account even if you didn't work today because you were tired of because you wanted to spend the day relaxing with your family. And and now realize that it's only possible becaus eof the decision that you just decided to make, right now




3 Skinny Dudes Rap And Get Rich


This Is what happens when you refuse to quit.


When my freins and I treid out for our HighSchool Talent show our freshmen year we didn't even make it past the audiotons . The next year when it was time to audition I didnt want to honestly..........

                    ......I was being a wussy.

But they talked me into it and something funny happened, not only did we make the cut we actually ended up[ winnig fisrt place how cool is that. Myabe you've been avoiding makeing  a change becaus eof somethign in your past maybe you failed before or maybe you just dont think you deserve it, it doesn't matter because the past does not determine the furtue what you do in the moment in time does.

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Income Tax time has rolled around again, we all know what that means everyone is looking for ways to maximize thier returns. Whne it comes to taxes it can be easy to confused about what you can and can not do. No one wants to loose money so most people just avoid the hassle and go to professionals tax experts like H&rBlock or JacksonHewitt and file thier returns.

For most people tax time brings to mind pictures of new cars new furniture, you finally get to remodel that kitchne the way you been wanting for months now. Unfortunately for some people tax time brings back painful memories that feeling of anger and that you enevitably feel when you realizr that you lost $1,000 last tax season. Maybe you know what the feelign maybe you dont dont if you dont worry you'll nver have to worry about that again after you learn my simple little secret.

Im about tho show you the simple way to make sure you get the most out of your tax returns this year wethe ryou going to a professional or you decide to file yout tax retun yourself. And just for the record you wont find this in any tax brochure and you probably won't believe me what I tell you so make sure you keep an open mind.


I know you've probaly heard of all kinds of weird tricks to maximize your tax return everything from claiming other people's kids to paying someone to make a fake w2. People do crazy thigns when it come to money.

Now there are plenty of ways to make sure you get the highest possible amount of money here are a couple of great article's that you may want to read.

I'm about to show you how to

Maximize Your Tax Return.

The key to maximizeing yout tax retun to use the money wisely not just spend it on somethign useles that you don't need and won't remeber you bought six months from now. You know my friend said something very interesting

"Your Income Tax Check Should Not Be The Biggest Check You Get This Year"

The sad part is for most people thats exactly whats going to happen. When I said I'd help you maximize your income tax retun that's exaclty what I meant. I want to give you acces to some things that most people will never get. And thats exactly why most people die broke because they never learn how money works, the only question is are you ready to learn? Get My Secret


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